Public Health Insider | Mentorship: Making the Connection

There are many stories being written about workplace culture—from work-life balance to finding a new job and the importance of networking. And it's not uncommon to see the concept of mentorship woven into the conclusions. But what does mentorship really mean? And how do you go about finding or becoming a mentor?

For this episode of the Public Health Insider webcast series, you'll hear from CPHHS’ Director of Student Engagement Amy Riley and a mentor/mentee pairing, Kendra Wise and Ditte Hansen, from the college’s mentorship program for leadership development, CATALYST. Hear more from the panel about:

  • their experiences in the program
  • what mentorship is (and isn’t)
  • how to get the most out of the relationship
  • tips on what makes for a successful pairing 
  • and the various ways you can get involved with the college and OSU


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