Las Vegas Bowl Champions!

Congratulations to the OSU Football team student-athletes and coaches!

As you know, making it into a bowl game two years in a row is a BIG achievement for our university and especially our student-athletes. Thank you to the 60+ alumni and friends who shared their congratulations with the team. Read their encouraging and congratulatory notes below. Go Beavs!



“The thing that most impresses me about this year's team is the unselfishness demonstrated day in and day out. Great example to other OSU athletes and to the students, too. Thank you for a great year!” - Ben Kahn

“Congratulations Beavers on an outstanding season! The determination, energy, teamwork and enthusiasm exhibited by the players and coaching staff was outstanding.” - Gerry Laird, ’57

“WOOHOO GO BEAVS!! So proud of the Beavs and all their hard work!!” - Emma Butler, ’20

“Way to go Beavs!! Keep it going!!” - Chris Allhands

“Congratulations on a great season! Have fun out there at the Vegas Bowl. We are all so proud of you and can’t wait to celebrate another Beaver win.” - Kersti Pettit-Kekel, ’85

“Congratulations to the entire Oregon State University football team!! Your dedication and hard work are paying off.  We’ll be cheering for you from Portland! Go Beavs!” - Cara Williams

“You’re heading to a bowl game!! Congratulations on this hard-earned victory! Best wishes to you.” - Jenni Allemann, ’12

“Congratulations on such an incredible season. You’ve truly made Beaver Nation proud with the effort you put into each and every play this season. The foundation you’ve built will go a long way for the years to come. Thanks for the memories!” - Michael Rich, ’13

“So proud of you, Beavs!! You guys rock and I’m so proud of the hard work and dedication you’ve put into this year. Proud to be a Beav every year, but especially this one. Go get ‘em!” - Megan Burley, ’17 

“GO BEAVS!!!! So proud of you guys and the hard work you’ve put in this year. I’ve been cheering on the Beavs win or lose since I was a kid, it’s so exciting to be at the bowl game cheering you on in Vegas. Have fun and let’s win this thing!!” - Alexa Stirek, ’17

“Omar Speights is still really really good. Hope to see you next year Omar!” - Stan Hagen, ’74 

“So DAM proud of this team! Can't wait to support you all in Vegas. Let's get the 10th win!!” - Carmen Anderson 

“As a three-sport athlete, ASA student-athlete tutor, graduate student, and Beaver Believer since 1996, congrats on making it to the Vegas bowl. Enjoy the week and let's get that Bowl Win! Go Beavs #1.” - Benjamin Clason, ’19

“It’s been so fun watching your success this year! Go Beavs!” - Jennifer Cowan

“Thank you! Your heart and soul dedication is unbelievable! I sat in the student section and watched my team lose all 4 years… it is such a privilege to watch you play! I believe! 🧡🖤🧡🖤” - Alice Stoltz, ’94 

“Thanks to OSU football, coach Smith, everyone involved in the program! This OSU alum, cross country and track former team member is SO proud of your accomplishments! You all have persevered through so much during your time at OSU! CONGRATULATIONS!” - Scott Szemardi 

“Congratulations on your hard work, and sticking in during the hardest times. Great job, best wishes towards a successful life … oh and bowl game!!! 🖤🧡🖤🦫🧡🖤” - Lisa Burford, ’79 

“We love all of you and send good thoughts for your safety and continued amazing teamwork and sportsmanship!” - Jennifer Andrews, ’81, ’89

“Thanks for making our trips to Reser so fun and rewarding over the past couple years. We're looking for more of the same in Las Vegas and an even more impressive year next year. Thanks again ... and Go Beavs!” - Curt Nichols, ’81

“Well done Beaver Football, proud of your accomplishment. Please pass my best wishes to Beaver Futbol (aka soccer) as well: the men's team had a remarkable season and made it into the NCAA tournament with a team full of humble, skilled players.” - Abe Drabkin

“Congratulations on your achievements in the classroom, as well as, on the football turf. These two elements of school and athletics will be lifelong memorable achievements. Share them and cherish them. Be proud of your hard work! Go Beavers!” - Gene Casqueiro

“You all all my heroes! Being a student-athlete is such an amazing undertaking. I'm proud of your accomplishments on and off the field. Go Beavs!” - Terralyn Vandetta, ’88 

“Been watching Beaver football since 1981 and every year is exciting to watch. This year’s team has brought their “A” game to the field despite only being able to have half a crowd. Congratulations on making it to the Las Vegas bowl. GO BEAVS!” - Mealoha McFadden, ’94

“You have worked hard for this honor! Keep up the good work and remember no matter the score, you are loved.” - Sherry Morgan 

“What a great job you all have done this year. Good luck in the bowl game, I will be cheering you!” - Machelle Bamberger

“Congratulations! Your hard work on and off the field have paid off! Working together, focusing on a shared goal and working to your highest potential, each of these separately make a dedicated player, together you make a dedicated Beaver team! GO BEAVS!” - Earlee Kerekes-Mishra

“Hi. New Beaver mom here and Cal grad. I know what it’s like to love a team that has its ups and downs and super excited to cheer the Beavers on this year! Great job and I hope you have time to enjoy.” - Barbara Caulfield

“Congratulations Beaver team!! Way to go!! Beat the Gators!!” - Florence and Mel Hironaka, ’58, ’60

“It's been a long time since I followed the Beavers to the Rose Bowl. May you do better this year than the Beavers did in 64.” - Judy Conner Bryant, ’65 

“I’m so so proud of all of you Beaver Football players!! I’m a Beaver legacy since my grandparents attended OSU and we’ve all cheered on our beloved Beavers! You’ve really pulled together as a team and really did it for Coach Smith! Go Beavs.” - Lesa Archibald, ’85

“So proud of the Beavers' successful season and the way the team accomplished it! Can't wait to watch you beat the Gators! Fantastic job, Coach Smith and staff!” - Wanda Harmon, ’68

“So proud of the Beavers! It was a fantastic season and I was happy to be in attendance at the last second win at Stanford and the final home game against the Ducks. Two truly amazing finishes. Take it to the Gators in Vegas! Go Beavs!” - Kari Mamizuka, ’83

“Looking godward to a BIG win for the Beavers in the Las Vegas Bowl. You guys are the greatest! You deserve a huge celebration for your wonderful winning season.” - Bev Carrick, ’66

“Congratulations 2022 Beaver Football team & coach Jonathan Smith! What a great season, & best of luck in the Las Vegas Bowl!” - Carol Kviz, ’75

“Congratulations to the whole OSU Beaver football team! We are so proud of what you accomplished this year & the previous years leading up to this year! Good Luck in the Las Vegas Bowl next Saturday, 12/17. We know you will do awesome! Go Beavs!” – Susan, ’83, & Jim, ’78, Fanshier

“Congratulations on a great season! Wish I could be there in person for the bowl game. But I will be cheering from home! Go Beavs!!” - Victoria Edmundson, ’82 

“Congratulations!!! on a wonderful outstanding season!!! Keep up the great work and keep fighting!!!” - Carrie Foster-Campbell 

“Congratulations! We have thoroughly enjoyed watching your long journey to a super successful season. Your hard work and perseverance are greatly appreciated. All you have gone through will serve you well as you go forward in life.   🎉🏈🧡GO BEAVS.” - Steve and Cindy, ’78, Williams

“We are so happy for you and the team for the accomplishments this year. The half stadium was really behind you guys and we love that you get to have this Bowl experience. It’s well-deserved and we love you all. At OSU there truly is no “I” in team.” - Holly McKinney, ’91

“All Beavers living in Colorado are quite proud of this year’s football team. Smith is a class coach and the team exudes his aura. Looking forward to Vegas Bowl and next year. Enjoy OSU and remember “Look professional, Act professional and Be professional” - Wayne Wolfe, ’66

“Great win in the Ducks game. Have a great time in Vegas. I know Beaver Nation is behind you.” - Doug

“Thank you guys for getting good the past couple years. I had so much depression as a little child when we would go 1-9. YALL r awesome. Sco beavs 4 ever. Congrats on Corvegas.” - Ella Irving 

“Congratulations on an outstanding season. It was so nice watching and listening to Mike Parker and staff this season, all the way from Arizona. I am a very proud Beaver grad and let’s go get the win in the LV bowl!” - Tracy Brighouse, ’88 

“Congratulations! So proud of you! Keep up the good work!” - Bernadette Barrett, ’67

“Thank you coach and all the students for bringing back Beaver Football! I cannot wait for what the future holds, the City of Corvallis and the university are forever grateful for this beautiful season. Beavers Forever. Go beat Florida!” - Luis Samayoa, ’17

“I’m an alum and am so proud of you all! Juggling academics, athletics, and everything else is not easy but you are rocking it and making us all proud!” - Julie ONeill

“I'm a Beaver born and a Beaver bred and when I die I'll be a Beaver dead. You've made Beaver Nation incredibly proud. Go get one more win!” - Dianna Fitzgerald, ’71 

“What a phenomenal accomplishment this year to have a terrific season as the result of hard work, great coaching & never giving up! Go Beavs & win this next one too 🧡🦫🖤” - Gretchen Horner, ’71

“How thrilled I am that you've had a successful season. You deserve a bowl game but even if you hadn't made that, kudos to you all for the spirit and comradeship you've displayed throughout.” - June Hemmingson, ’67

“Always great to be a Beaver and more so this football season! The win over the Ducks was terrific and a super way to cap off the regular season. Our student-athletes and coaching staff exemplify the meaning of TEAM EFFORT! Thanks and congratulations!” – Larry, ’57, and Marilyn, ’60, Reiling

“Congratulations, on your tough battle with the Ducks. You persevered and won the game. Since I live in Eugene, I usually rally for the Ducks, and I was disappointed with our team. You did the job and I was amazed at the progress you, as a team, won the game.” - Jim Terhune, ’74

“Work hard, learn lots and have fun!” - Laura Oldenkamp, ’79

“Congratulations on a great season! We never give up on our Beavs and are incredibly proud of all of you! Go Beavs!!” – Lynn, ’69, and Myrna, ’70, Friese

“I’ve watched all the games this season. You’ve grown together as a team, overcome injuries, and found the toughness to succeed. Thank you! Go BEAVS!” - Mark Owen, ’81

“DEAR BEAVER Athletes, Once again you have worked hard, performed well, and come through to a Bowl Game. I wish you another good game, though the WIN over the DUCKS was the highlight of this year for me. DO YOUR BEST AGAIN! Safe travels. Good Health!” – Pauline Goldstein, ’63

“It's been wonderful to follow your success on the field these last two years. Good luck in your upcoming bowl game!” - Adam Clark, Ph.D. ’15

“Congratulations on your success on the field. Keep it up throughout your life journey.” Joseph Kaufman, ’83

“Congrats on a great season fellas! Didn't miss a game this year, enjoyed watching the heart and effort on the field. Can't wait to see what the future holds - GO BEAVS.” - Kevin Jarvis, ’13

“Very proud of the entire team and coaching staff. Wishing all of you a successful Las Vegas Bowl. We’ll be watching with proud hearts.” - Elaine Smith, ’79

“Go Beavs! Making us all very proud.” - Sydney Mulkey, ’11

“We are super proud of your team spirit, determination and grit throughout this season. May you take on the Gators knowing this life is a blessing and you've got everything it takes to make it happen in Vegas!  God bless you all!” - Kristina George Sandberg, ’08

“Go. Beavers so glad to see you do so great.” - Phyllis Franklin, ’53

“Congrats! When I was at OSU, I was a member of the dance/flag team. Performing when we had terrible seasons made me a true fan. We don’t have to tear down goal posts for 1 conference win anymore. Y’all have worked SO hard & deserve this!!” - Gigi Merrill, ’84

“Congratulations guys and coaches!!! You all were awesome this year and while we cannot make it to the LV Bowl we will be cheering you all the way. You always played a full 4 quarters and it was amazing and exciting to watch. GO BEAVS!” - Daina Bambe, ’81