Beavs win in 2022!

3-time consecutive Rivalry Week Challenge champions

Faithful Beavers have locked in three consecutive Rivalry Week wins during the annual Beavers (479) vs. Ducks (276) contest to enroll the most alumni association members - and that's something to celebrate!

When we win, all of Beaver Nation wins.

  • Beavers received a 25% discount on any membership, the biggest savings all year
  • Oregon State students gain transformative programs, services and scholarships
  • 215,000+ alumni and 300,000 parents and friends worldwide are strengthened by connections to OSU, networking opportunities and career resources for every stage in life
  • Many of our partners give back to OSU student scholarships when you use your exclusive OSUAA member benefits

Bonus: OSUAA has donated $1,000 to the Basic Needs Center to supply food and meals to students with food insecurity.

Special thanks goes to the UO Alumni Association for their continued partnership on this membership challenge that benefits all involved!

It’s more than a competition:  The OSU vs. UO rivalry is one of the oldest college rivalries in the nation, and our good-natured challenges span athletics, academics, research dollars, statewide outreach, university rankings and even blood drives. That means, no matter the outcome, we’re creating better prosperity, health and belonging across OSU and the whole state (but we still take winning seriously).