Financial Information, Disclosures and Fees

OSU Foundation Tax ID Number / Employer ID Number: 93-6022772

IRS Form 990

As non-profit organizations, the OSU Foundation and OSU Alumni Association file Form 990 annually with the Internal Revenue Service. Form 990 provides a comparison of the current year's revenues, expenses, assets, and liabilities with those of the prior year. The filing is available to the public on request. Request a copy of IRS Form 990.



Financial Information and Fee Structure


OSU Foundation Asset Information

2023 Endowment Performance

2023 Endowment Holdings

2022 Endowment Performance

2022 Endowment Holdings

2022 Endowment Letter

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2020 Endowment Holdings

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OSU Foundation Audited Financial Statements

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OSU Foundation Statement of Fossil Fuel Divestment

August 2014 Statement

Fossil Fuel-Free Investment Option

Fiduciary Compliance Policy

2022 Policy on use of Endowment Distributions