Dan W. Poling Service Award Requirements

Every outstanding university depends greatly upon the loyal service of its alumni and friends. Dan W. Poling, a 1928 graduate of Oregon State, joined the faculty of his alma mater in 1937 and has served as a shining example to thousands of Oregon Staters as dean of men, mentor, teacher and friend. His abiding love for Oregon State University, his strong commitment to maintaining OSU traditions and ideals and his loyal and tireless support of the University deserve special recognition. In his honor this award is given.



  1. Open to any alumnus/na, friend or member of the OSU family who has volunteered time and service to the University
  2. Length and significance of service will be considered
  3. Integrity of recipient and demonstrated service to the University must be of such high quality as to inspire others to emulate the standards Dan Poling represents
  4. Recipient must be able to be present at the ceremony



  1. A candidate for any public office
  2. A current member of the OSU Alumni Board of Directors
  3. A current OSU or OSUAA employee
  4. A member of the Alumni Award Selection Committee


  1. Nominations for the award are encouraged from any source
  2. All nominations shall be kept confidential
  3. Forms for making nominations shall be furnished by the Alumni Office and are available for download below



Members of the Alumni Association’s Board of Directors Award Selection Committee.


Award shall be made annually. Ordinarily, the award should be made to a single individual; however, if appropriate in the judgment of the committee, the award maybe made to two or more individuals when the service honored obviously is inseparable.


A suitable and attractive symbol of the Dan Poling Service Award shall be presented to each recipient.

Previous Award Recipients

1989 - John B. Fenner 1990 - John "Jack" Byrne
1991 - C. H. "Scram" Graham
1992 - J. W. "Bud" Forrester
1993 - Margaret L. Walton
1994 - Marilyn Melson Stevenson
1995 - Robert "Bob" Loomis
1996 - James C. "Jim" Barratt
1997 - Ralph D. Floberg
1998 - Hilbert S. "Hib" Johnson
1999 - Bert G. Babb
2000 - Don Wirth
2001 - Loren McKinley
2002 - Dale Thomas
2003 -  Milosh Poppy Popovich
2004 - Roy and Marilyn Young
2005 - Roy Arnold
2006 - Harley Smith
2007 - Ken and Sue Poorman
2008 - Pete Johnson
2009 - Don and Rod Moore
2010 - John V. Byrne
2011 - Jim and Judith Youde
2012 - Darry Callahan
2013 - Dale Weber
2014 - Ken Thrasher
2015 - Harold Ashford
2016 - Harold (Hal) Pritchett
2017 - Jo Anne Trow
2018 - Tad Davies
2019 (spring) - Kaye and Bert Loughmiller
2019 (fall) - Candy Pierson-Charlton