BEaver KIND - Graduation 2023

For graduation this year - give the gift of kind words. Just two minutes of your valuable time is all it takes to support graduates as they venture into the "real world" by sharing an encouraging message, just 255 characters or less. 

Here’s a prompt to get you started: What does your OSU degree mean to you? Your words will be a reminder of why students started their OSU journey and all of the wonderful places it can lead.

Your note will reach the newest OSU graduates who are emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic in search of kind words and advice to help them build social connections, self-confidence, time management skills, motivation and more.

OSUAA reserves the right to edit your inspirational message for spelling, grammar, length and consistency, and repurpose the quotes for promotional and educational efforts online and in print.



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Thank you for the almost 200 alumni and friends who submitted almost 220 notes during fall 2021. Your messages are truly inspiring - and sure make a huge difference. Check out a few samples below.