Your impact: Dam Proud Day 2024 

Beavs Rallied like never before on April 24 



Together, we shattered Dam Proud Day records and celebrated the unbelievable strengths of Oregon State University. 

- 7,600 donors

- 9,100 gifts 

- $2.7 million raised in 24 hours on 4/24/24 

- 100+ funds supported 

- Donors came from all 50 states and 18 countries 

- 200+ challenge gifts, more than $1 million altogether 

- 3,000 views of the livestream 



Thank you for your generosity! 

Who gave

Pie chart of percentage of 5 different donor types.

  • 30%: Friends
  • 29%: Alumni
  • 18%: Parents
  • 17%: Faculty and staff
  • 6%: Students




OSU President Jayathi Murthy engaging with students at a science related booth.




Challenge prize winners 

$20,000 winner, project with the most dollars raised
Finish in Four 

$15,000 winner, college or campus with the most dollars raised
College of Agricultural Sciences 

$15,000 winner, university program with the most gifts
Student Affairs 

$15,000 winner, athletics project with the most gifts
Women’s Rowing 

$10,000 winner, project with the largest percentage increase in dollars raised
PRAx Excellence Fund 

$7,500 winner, project with the largest percentage in increase in donors since last year
The Individualized Movement & Physical Activity for Children Today (IMPACT) Fund in the College of Health 

$7,500 winner, project with the most first-time gifts
Fraternity & Sorority Life Emerging Leaders Program Fund 

$2,000 winners, awarded to projects with the most gifts in blocks throughout the day: 

  • 10 a.m. to noon
    Women’s Soccer 

  • noon to 2 p.m.
    Student Affairs 

  • 2 to 4 p.m.
    Student Affairs 

  • 4 to 8 p.m.
    Student Affairs 

  • 8 to 11 p.m.
    Women’s Rowing 

The Dam Proud Day Spirit Dammy Award, our highest honor
College of Forestry

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  • College of Forestry: $168,145 
  • College of Engineering: $165,270 
  • College of Agricultural Sciences: $157,856 
  • Student Affairs: $145,574 
  • Finish in Four: $128,425 



Dean’s Cup winner 

College with the most funds raised 
College of Forestry 



The 6 Forestry team members pose with their awards.



Group of students smiling in front of Big Benny and 'Go Beavs' marquee letters.





Donor Features


Photo of Leslie Fox.

Leslie Fox
Five years of support 

Leslie Fox, ’82, president of the Our Beaver Nation board, has supported OSU Athletics each year of Dam Proud Day since its inception. “I want to ensure OSU is poised and ready to be nimble for the opportunities ahead during this time of change,” she says. “OSU Athletics brings people together. It’s amazing to see these student athletes who are not just representing our school but balancing an education with training 20+ hours a week. We need to believe in these student-athletes and support them as fans in the stadium, donors and champions of Oregon State.” 


Photo of Galen Ho.

Galen Ho
Challenge accepted

Galen Ho, ’68, and his wife, Patricia Ho, ’68, created a challenge match benefitting the Basic Needs Center, pledging to give $6,000 once donors made 50 gifts supporting the center. “You see students nowadays having to either endure hunger or trade off college attendance for their personal survival,” he says. “We felt creating a challenge to help OSU address the need for food, housing and books was the way we could make the biggest impact. One aspect I love about OSU is that it cares for all student needs in addition to giving them a quality education and meaningful future careers.” 


Photo of Jody and Adam Beck with their son.

Jodie and Adam Beck
Family spirit

OSU-Cascades parents Jodie and Adam Beck made their first Dam Proud Day gift this year. They love that their son has had the chance to get to know his professors and peers better because of the small campus and class sizes. “Financial support is key to ensuring the continued improvements to programs and attracting top faculty talent,” they say. “We believe the OSU-Cascades campus has enormous potential for growth. Paying the tuition covers what’s happening today, but our financial donation for Dam Proud Day, as well as other generous families’ gifts, contributes to the future of OSU-Cascades.” 



Photo of Allan Czinger.

Allan Czinger
Investing in future innovation

Allan Czinger, ’99, has been giving to OSU for many years but was inspired to give on Dam Proud Day for the first time this year when he participated as a volunteer in the DPD College of Forestry Alumni and Friends Committee. His experiences studying abroad in Russia had a direct impact on his career in international forestry, so he supports future international experiences for forestry students through his giving. “When I see students’ efforts translate to innovations and positive changes in the forestry industry, it makes me proud to support OSU and the College of Forestry.”