OSU Endowment Gifts

Gifts for Future Generations

One of the greatest gifts you can give to OSU is creating or adding to an endowed fund. Endowed giving at OSU is an investment in OSU’s students faculty and programs that makes a lasting impact for years to come.  OSU has over 2,000 endowed funds supporting scholarships to faculty positions


How does it work?

With a minimum gift of $50,000 you can create a permanent endowed fund in your own name or honor someone special. Your gift can support scholarships, seminars, faculty, library resources, a department or college, research funding, athletics or student experience funds.

Each year, a portion of the fund’s balance (currently 4 percent) is transferred to support the OSU program you have chosen. The core of the fund remains invested for long-term growth.


The Impact of OSU’s Endowment Funds and Programs

In 2020, the OSU Foundation was able to increase the endowment payout to the university to $20.9 million. We were able to provide $1.5 million more than the previous year to support scholarships, faculty positions, programs and projects designated by our amazing donors. Check out some examples of those endowed funds below.


Endowed scholarship funds

Scholarship funds like the Donald L. MacDonald Scholarship honors Professor MacDonald who served on the biochemistry and physics faculty and provides funding for students as they study, learn and teach others. Read more about a student’s recent experience receiving this scholarship.


Endowed program funds

A single gift can make a huge difference in a students’ life at OSU and overall wellbeing. Funds like the Thomas W. Toomey Family Student Fund is the first endowed fund of its kind and directly impacts the basic needs and food and housing insecurity among some OSU students. Read the story here.


Endowed faculty position funds

Our faculty and staff work diligently to bring new programs and great learning opportunities for students and the community. To continue bringing world class education through our faculty, funds like the Emily Rynerson Cosci Benton County Professorship for Environmental Education provides stable funding for our current programs and allows us to build new. Check out Maggie Livesay’s story.


Endowment levels and categories

The chart below shows the minimum gift levels to endow scholarships and fellowships, faculty and coaching positions and programs.

Deanship or institute directorship$5 million endowment
Chair$2 million endowment
Coach$1 million endowment (amount varies by sport)
Professorship$1 million endowment
Faculty Fellow$500,000 endowment
Faculty Scholar$250,000 endowment
Presidential Scholarship$250,000 endowment
General undergraduate scholarship or graduate fellowship$50,000 endowment or $10,000/year for 5 years
Endowed program fund$50,000 endowment


If you're interested in establishing an endowed fund at Oregon State, the best way to get started is to contact the OSU Foundation's Office of Donor Stewardship. We will connect you with someone to help you and your advisors through the planning process. There are many creative ways to structure your gift to achieve your financial and philanthropic goals.