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Join Kate Sanders for Travel Talks – a webcast series dedicated to the OSU Alumni Association Group Travel Program.

Topics range from travel tips to information on various destinations and more. All Travel Talks are online at 5:30 p.m. Pacific Time

May 7 - Travel Talk: Connections across the pond - Comparing Mountainous Landscapes of Europe and North America with Bob Lillie. 
About 300 million years ago, an ancient ocean closure birthed the supercontinent Pangea, hosting a vast mountain range akin to today's Himalayas and Alps. The subsequent Atlantic Ocean opening dispersed remnants of these mountains, including the Appalachians, Caledonides, and Atlas Mountains. Join us in a travel talk with OSU Emeritus Professor of Geosciences Bob Lillie to talk about the geologic changes and the evidence you can see today during our tours such as the Alpine Splendor, Norwegian Fjords, Enchanting Ireland, and the Viking's Crossing. Register.

May 22  Travel Talk: Sustainable Seafood at Home and Away with Selina Heppell.
We hear a lot in the news about sustainability and the food that we eat, but “sustainable” can mean different things to different people. Seafood has many health benefits, and many countries depend on seafood as their primary source of animal protein. At home and away, we have an opportunity to sample a wide diversity of seafood that is grown, harvested, and processed in many different ways, making the criteria for sustainability quite complex. Dr. Heppell will provide some fascinating statistics on seafood harvest and consumption to help you decide which criteria are most important for your seafood choices.  Register.

June 4  Travel Talk: The Collapse of the Bronze Age and the Birth of Greek Gods - Travel to the Ancient Mediterranean with John Larison
3,000 years ago, the Aegean Sea thrived as a center of culture and commerce, with bustling urban centers and flourishing artistic endeavors. However, around 1200 BCE, a violent collapse plunged the region into a dark age lasting 400 years, leading to questions about its causes and consequences. Explore the origins of this mysterious decline and its cultural legacy, including iconic works like The Iliad, The Odyssey, and modern interpretations such as Percy Jackson, with novelist and OSU lecturer John Larison. Register. 

April 18 | The Wonder and the Worry - Documentary film preview with special guest Chris Johns '74, OSU alumnus, OSUAA group tour host and former National Geographic editor.

Join us on April 18 for "alumni night" to view the new film, "The Wonder and the Worry." This documentary traces the fragmentation and upheaval in photojournalism and its impact on the world’s most iconic publication: National Geographic magazine. The film delves into digital disruption and the power of environmental storytelling as it follows the intertwined careers of Chris Johns, OSU alumnus and former National Geographic editor, and his daughter Louise, a working freelance photographer.  Chris recently hosted an OSUAA Group Tour to Yellowstone. Tickets



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About Kate Sanders

Kate Sanders is the director for academic enrichment and Alumni Group Travel at the Oregon State University Alumni Association, where she is responsible for the travel program as well as the association’s signature events and educational programming. Kate joined the alumni association in 2013 after planning presidential and university-level events at Oregon State University and has a professional background in project management, event planning, writing and environmental education. Travel and tourism have always been part of her life, from family trips when young, to living abroad in Australia, to work and personal travel today.

Kate has been to almost every state in the U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii, as well as the U.S. Territory of Puerto Rico. She has hosted alumni group tours to destination such as Costa Rica, Scotland, Alaska, French Polynesia, the Channel Islands, Peru, Galapagos Island, the Grand Canyon and the Kentucky Derby. She has also visited Norway, Denmark, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Croatia, Ireland, Mexico, Canada, Bermuda and Caribbean Islands, among others.