Our Health& Transportation Noise

When considering the different types of pollution that might be harmful to your health, how often do you think of noise pollution as playing a significant factor? And not just to your mental and emotional health, but your long-term physical health as well, even while you sleep?

In this episode of the Our Health& series, hear from College of Health faculty as we focus on how transportation noise affects your health—from your biological responses to health outcomes due to prolonged exposure and more—and how an upcoming joint study in the Portland metro area between OSU and Multnomah County will be one of the first in the nation to map road noise at high resolution in a U.S. city.
So, let’s all rise above the noise and be sure to bring your questions for our panelists as you guide the discussion in this town hall-style webcast.

Casey Farm
    Matthew Bozigar, Assistant Professor - College of Health



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