Thank you for supporting Beavers Fight Hunger

Gifts to Beavers Fight Hunger fund OSU's Basic Needs Center (BNC), which provides support to Corvallis students through its food pantry and other services, as well as the ASCC’s (Associated Students of Cascades Campus) Food Pantry at OSU-Cascades.

This fall and winter, over 460 donors like you have already joined the fight against student food insecurity at OSU and gave over $132,000 to support students through the Basic Needs Center on the Corvallis campus and the Food Pantry at the Associated Students of Cascades Campus. Thank you!

Still want to get involved? Here's how you can help:

Make your gift monthly
Amplify your impact by making an investment in OSU students facing food insecurity that they can count on again and again.  

  • $6 a month can provide whole wheat bread loaves to three students each month.
  • $50 a month ensures students with special diet requirements are able to consistently meet their needs.

Other ways to help ensure all OSU students have consistent access to nutritious foods:

  • $11 provides one Healthy Beaver Bag recipe kit, allowing students to enjoy a meal while learning healthy cooking skills (each bag also contains staples for the week)
  • $25 provides a bag of fresh produce for seven students shopping at the OSU Food Pantry 
  • $110 can provide milk to 50 students for one week at the OSU Food Pantry
  • $200 can ensure eggs are consistently available to students
  • $1,110 stocks the pantry with produce for one week

Join fellow Beavers today by making a gift to the BNC on the Corvallis campus or to the food pantry for OSU-Cascades.