Barrow Family Chair in Mineral Resource Geology

December 31, 2019

Kenneth and Donna Barrow wearing orangeIn 2019 Kenneth and Donna Barrow created an endowed chair to support faculty who will build on OSU’s achievements in ore geology, mineralogy, petrology and geochemistry. When established, the chair was the largest donor-funded endowed faculty position in the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences. The faculty member appointed to the chair will lead fundamental and applied research and teaching in mineral resources that address critical mineral needs in changing economies.

Ken Barrow earned his bachelor’s degree in geology from Oregon State in 1977 before continuing his education at Stanford University. In addition to his work as a geologist, he is a co-owner and operator of several business enterprises. He has served as an Oregon State University Foundation trustee and on advisory boards for CEOAS and the college’s geosciences department.

“I attribute much of our good fortune to my geologic training, which was grounded in the exceptional undergraduate education I received at Oregon State University,” Barrow said. “In 2001, the geoscience department offered me a role as an alumni advisor. For 15 years, students most frequently asked me for help connecting to industry to obtain jobs that would fully use their hard-earned OSU degrees. Donna and I hope that this chair will attract a research scientist with strong industry relationships who can both instruct and inspire our students and help them start their post-graduation careers.”



Current Faculty Holder (as of spring 2024) 

Brian Tattitch