January is National Mentoring Month

January 10, 2024

By Karla Rockhold, Director of Alumni Career Engagement, OSU Alumni Association

Happy New Year, Beaver Nation! As we welcome the start of a new year, you may be setting new goals and resolutions, putting plans in motion to advance your career or be of greater service to others. 

Whatever your goals are, your Beaver community is a resource you can lean on, and you can find a powerful network of them at OSUConnections.org. January is National Mentoring Month — a perfect occasion to reflect on the invaluable benefits of mentorship for both personal and professional growth. 

According to 2017 research by Moving Ahead, an impressive 87% of mentors and mentees express that their mentoring relationships empower them and contribute to the development of greater confidence. 

Recognizing the positive impact of mentorship, numerous companies and organizations have implemented mentorship programs for their employees. These initiatives play a vital role in fostering a culture of learning, collaboration and continuous improvement within the workplace. 

Research also supports the notion that these programs lead to enhanced employee satisfaction, increased retention rates, heightened productivity and the cultivation of a robust talent pool capable of seamlessly assuming key positions, resulting in higher profits. 

Investing in mentor and mentee relationships proves to be a sound business practice, with mentors experiencing a six-fold increase in the likelihood of being promoted to higher positions after participating. Beyond career advancement, mentors also gain fresh perspectives and insights from their younger colleagues while building valuable leadership and communication skills. 

For mentees, the advantages are equally compelling. Having a trusted ally in the form of a mentor provides them with constructive criticism, guidance on navigating workplace expectations and opportunities to expand their professional network.   

The Oregon State University Alumni Association recognizes the significant and gratifying contribution that our alumni can make in guiding, advising and supporting both fellow alumni and current students. 

OSU Connections serves as our online hub, providing Beavers with a platform to expand their personal and professional networks. Within the platform, a dedicated mentoring feature empowers members to offer mentorship by simply indicating their willingness to serve in that capacity through their profile settings. 

Sign up and start connecting at OSUConnections.org.