Edmund Hayes Professor in Silviculture Alternatives

December 31, 2000

Wishing to memorialize their father and honor his lifelong interest in forests, the Hayes family established the Edmund Hayes Professorship in Silviculture Alternatives in the Department of Forest Science at Oregon State University. Edmund "Ned" Hayes, Jr., and his siblings, Frederick Hayes, Philip Hayes, and Cornelia Hayes Stevens, created guidelines so the professorship will support efforts to restore and manage forests, and may eventually lead to new forestry practices.

Their father, Edmund Hayes, was a pioneer in the forest industry who became a top executive at Weyerhaeuser and an advocate for reforestation. He passed away in 1986. The chair preserves his belief in the values of education and silviculture: the science and art of growing trees.

"My father was always concerned about the forest resource in Oregon," Ned Hayes said. "He was interested in how it's used and how the forest is perpetuated. The professorship fit with what we wanted to do to memorialize our father and his interest in forest perpetuation. There's a lot to be known yet about growing trees and sustaining forests."


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