JELD-WEN Chair in Wood-Based Composites Science

December 31, 2004

The JELD-WEN Foundation, based in Klamath Falls, Oregon, established the JELD-WEN Chair in Wood-Based Composites Science in OSU's College of Forestry in 2004. The position is designed to expand the composites program in the Department of Wood Science and Engineering by supporting a senior scientist with a developed research program who will also teach classes and mentor junior faculty.

Scientists in the composites discipline examine how wood and natural fibers—in combination with adhesives and other materials such as plastics, metals or cement—can form new materials with commercial value. Ongoing research at OSU includes investigations into composite materials engineered for desired strength, flexibility, durability, physical appearance, and improved utilization of natural resources. The practical applications for these new composites are extensive, ranging from homebuilding to auto parts to high-tech electrical components.

At the time of the donation, JELD-WEN, Inc.—legally separate from the JELD-WEN Foundation—was the world's leading manufacturer of windows and doors and Oregon's largest privately held company. Rod Wendt, secretary and a trustee of the JELD-WEN Foundation, said his organization is pleased to make the award.

"The OSU Department of Wood Science & Engineering and JELD-WEN have had a long-term relationship over 30 years now, involving research and sharing of ideas and new technologies," Wendt said. "This grant recognizes the importance of that friendship and working relationship and declares our intent in maintaining and building an even more active permanent association with the university."


Current Faculty Holder

 Photo of Arijit Sinha
Arijit Sinha