Klamath Basin Potato Endowed Faculty Scholar

December 31, 2013

In 2013 the Oregon Potato Commission and its members teamed up with growers and businesses in the Klamath Basin to create an endowment supporting a potato researcher in this region. The $250,000 commitment assures that this position always will be at the OSU Klamath Basin Research and Extension Center in Klamath Falls.

The potato commission previously established a similar endowed position supporting a potato expert with a statewide focus. The Klamath Basin Potato Faculty Scholar, in contrast, works exclusively in the Klamath Basin area, which extends across the California border.

"This is a unique area, in terms of its short growing season, the types of potatoes grown here, and the types of pests and diseases," said Bill Brewer, president and CEO of the Oregon Potato Commission. "Having an expert who knows the conditions, knows the growers, and is readily accessible is a great benefit."

The Oregon Potato Commission is one of 25 agricultural commodity commissions in Oregon. It was formed in 1949 to represent the potato industry in educational, trade development, research, legislative affairs, and public relations activities.


Current Faculty Holder

Headshot of Brian Charlton while at work with potatoes on a table
Brian Charlton