Oregon Dairy Industries - Bodyfelt Professor

December 31, 1998

Professor Floyd Bodyfelt standing behind sign reading The relationship between Oregon Dairy Industries (ODI) and Oregon State University began early in the century, when such researchers as G. H. Wilster and Dr. Paul Elliker developed dairy processes which allowed milk producers around the state to create and maintain some of the highest quality dairy products on the West Coast. One result of this partnership is Oregon’s largest creamery at Tillamook, which now produces and markets millions of pounds of cheese worldwide.

To ensure the continuation of this successful program and to honor the 1997 retirement of Professor Floyd Bodyfelt, dairy science researcher and Extension Service Specialist, individuals and corporations associated with Oregon Dairy Industries began to combine their contributions to establish the ODI-Bodyfelt Professorship. The position is intended to provide leadership in dairy research and technology, and help the state’s dairy industry continue its reputation for excellence.

Funds from the endowment are used to organize lectures and short courses, to provide aid for graduate students, to support travel to research institutions and industry centers, and to purchase necessary equipment and materials.

Floyd Bodyfelt retired from OSU’s Department of Food Science and Technology after 33 years of service to the citizens, students, and the dairy industry of Oregon. His research accomplishments included improving the shelf life and flavor stability of numerous dairy products, perfecting ice cream quality, especially the Oregon strawberry flavor, and developing methods to evaluate the quality of dairy products. Upon his retirement, Professor Bodyfelt said, “My biggest thrill is having so many [former] students who are now leaders in the food industry.”


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