Warwick Family Engineering Faculty Scholar

November 18, 2021

Mike Warwick, ’71, M.S. ’76, and Susan Bailey established the Warwick Family Faculty Scholar Endowed Fund in 2021 to support teaching excellence in OSU’s humanitarian engineering program. Holders of this position are appointed for a term of three to five years.

Mr. Warwick graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in political science, and then pursued OSU graduate studies in geography and resource economics. He paid his way through graduate school as a computer programmer in the pre-PC days. His 40-plus year career in the energy industry began at Pacific Power and Bonneville Power, ending with 23 years at Pacific Northwest National Lab, where he worked as a scientist and engineer conducting research and advising utilities, utility regulators, and federal agencies on energy markets, resilience, and security. Mr. Warwick has also sponsored and advised OSU students working on capstone projects in humanitarian engineering.

Ms. Bailey earned degrees in economics from the University of Kansas and Washington University. She worked for Bonneville Power Administration and the Army Corps of Engineers before transitioning to real estate and property management. Ms. Bailey and Mr. Warwick have been housing providers in Portland's historic inner-city neighborhoods for over 40 years.

Current Faculty Holder

Elain Fu
Elain Fu