Beaver Leadership Circle Staff

Sara Dier ("Deer") '08

Sara began working for the Oregon State University Foundation in 2022 and is a graduate of Oregon State University’s College of Liberal Arts, earning a BA in English. To Sara, nothing is more transformative than innovative and accessible higher education. As a fourth-generation Oregonian and first-generation college graduate, Sara believes that community connections and philanthropic affinity groups provide incredible opportunity for collaboration, mentorship, and stewardship at OSU. Donor societies and clubs create these opportunities. Sara serves as the primary liaison to the Beaver Leadership Circle, OSU Women’s Giving Circle, and OSU Loyal.

To Sara, membership societies are an extension of the unique Oregon State University experience. She loves meeting supporters and partnering with them as they share their passion and make a long-term impact at OSU. She looks forward to collaborating with gift society members and supporting opportunities for future generations. 

Get in touch with Sara Dier at 503-741-5424.