Annual Receipts FAQs


What is the annual receipt? 

The annual receipt, a newly offered service by the Oregon State University Foundation, is an official tax document. This record outlines all individual contributions made to the university throughout the past calendar year for claiming deductions for charitable contributions on income tax returns.  


Can this annual receipt replace my earlier individual tax receipts for each donation? 

Yes. This consolidated receipt may be used as evidence of your donations instead of multiple individual gift receipts. 

Note: While the receipt serves as documentation, it's advisable to consult a tax advisor for personalized tax advice and guidance on utilizing donation receipts for filing purposes. The Foundation cannot provide individualized tax advice due to the complexity of tax laws and circumstances. 


What do I do if a gift is missing from my annual receipt? 

If you suspect a missing gift from your annual receipt, consider checking if a separate receipt was issued to your spouse. This additional receipt may have been sent via email. Verify that the gift in question was a direct contribution and not an IRA, donor-advised fund, or other foundation gift. 

To address missing gifts, you can contact Gift Administration at Please provide relevant details about the gift, including the date of contribution, amount, intended fund allocation, your donor ID (found at the top of the annual receipt), and/or your name.  


Why did my spouse and I receive separate annual receipts? 

Your spouse and you received separate annual receipts because of limitations in our current system. The system distributes gifts equally among spouses by default, however, the annual receipts designate one individual as the 'primary' donor, while the other spouse is acknowledged as the 'joint' donor. Hence, separate annual receipts were sent to the 'primary' and 'joint' donors.  

We acknowledge that this practice may cause confusion, and we are actively working to enhance our systems. We aim to generate more accurate and comprehensive annual receipts in the future. 


Does the annual receipt include donations made through organizations, IRAs, family foundations, or donor-advised funds? 

No. The annual receipt solely covers individual donations, excluding contributions made through organizations, IRAs, family foundations, or donor-advised funds. These donations won't be reflected in this specific annual receipt. 

Typically, donations made through family foundations or intermediary entities receive receipts attributed to the contributing entity rather than the individual donor. Consulting a tax advisor helps understand documentation and reporting for such contributions. 

If documentation is needed for such giving, we can help you get in touch with the right office. Please contact us at 800-354-7281 or


What contributions are included in the annual receipt I received? 

All of your individual gifts (including cash, gifts-in-kind, securities or stocks) made since January 1, 2023. 


Why is my OSUAA Membership shown on the gift receipt? 

OSU Alumni Association membership fees are processed as gifts and are tax deductible! 


How can I request a printed annual receipt if I got it via email? 

To request a printed version of your annual receipt that was previously sent via email, kindly send a request to the Gift Administration team at 800-354-7281 or Include your full name and specify the preferred receipt delivery location. This information will assist them in processing your request promptly. 


How can I request an emailed annual receipt if I got it via mail? 

To request an emailed copy of your annual receipt if you originally received it via mail, please send an email request to the Gift Administration team at Include your full name and your preferred email address.  

If you have further questions, contact us at 800-354-7281 or Your support is valued, and we're committed to improving our processes to better serve our donors.